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Fiona Franklin of Children's Air Ambulance

Andrew is a great photographer who will go the extra mile to achieve the perfect shot. He is thoughtful and respectful and able to self direct to get the right shot.

Date of experience: 16 July 2023

"What can I say about my first shoot with Drew?

Our shoot was shortened due to Traffic issues on route, which is always a shame. However drew was kind and understanding about the situation.

Finding the location was easy enough, but finding the entrance/parking was a bit of a nightmare.

But that's just city life for you. Next time we'll meet in a cafe so the waiting will be warmer.

Once I had arrived and hellos where done with, we were both willing and eager to crack on. The chosen location had a bathroom to change in which is a miracle if you know a thing or two about location shoots. 

His communications before, during and after have been amazing. We discussed several ideas, and we agreed on a location Drew had used a few times before for Model Shoots.

By the end of the shoot I felt we'd achieved a good number of quality images, had got stuck in enough trees and form a good friendship. 

If you're looking for a fun, comfortable, easy style shoot then I highly recommend Drew.

He's friendly and enthusiastic, (and strong enough to help if you can't get down from some where high).

It was nice to work with someone who is happy for you to do your own thing instead of asking how dangerous.

I look forward to working with you again, the images I've seen so far are beautiful

(Disclosure: nothing we did was unsafe, I did get stuck in a tree)"

From "Oh My Gosh You Found Me" is a Model  on Purple Port

"Thank you Andrew for the series of photos you took of my recent Pottery work. Great photos for me to use in the future, and I look at them to inspire me in further pottery endeavors.

I like your 'eye' and enjoyed having you here.  I would happily endorse you: Andrew Stiles!"

From Bart W (Bristol based Client) - Sept 2023