How does a photo shoot work with Drew Stiles?

Published on 11 October 2022 at 10:00

If you’re a little apprehensive about booking a professional headshot, I can assure you there’s is absolutely no need to be.

Here is an idea about what to expect on the day;

On the day of the shoot, I will arrive up to 30 mins prior to the shoot in order to fully set up the equipment. This also gives you time to update me on any specific changes you require, lighting etc.

You may have nerves stepping in front of the camera with the lights and the equipment around you. Trust me, this is completely normal. You’ll have time to relax and get comfortable while we have a conversation and a bit of banter. This always helps my clients. I’ll even pop some music on for you.

Before the day of the shoot, we’ll have previously had a chat for us to get to know each other and for me to find out exactly what you want to get out of the results. This way I can tailor the shoot specifically to you.

As the camera starts clicking we can continue to discuss poses and styles as well as a little more banter. We will be able to stop from time to time for you to grab a refreshment and look at the images so far. Remember, it’s your shoot. My time is yours until we have achieved exactly what yo are looking for.

I will be looking to take each shot around 4 times. You wouldn’t believe how different you can look in just a few seconds. Caught mid-conversation, a smile or a glint in the eye can be caught to perfection, giving you exactly what you were looking for.

The time will fly by and at the end of the shoot, we will look through the images together for you to pick out your favourite ones.

So get in touch for a consultation today?

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